Challenge Cup 2012


From the 8th till the 11th of March 2012, The Hague will be host of the Challenge Cup 2012. Top skaters from all over the world will come to the Netherlands to practice their programs in preparation for the Word Championships 2012 which will be held in Nice two weeks later.

During the event there will be a number of site events to promote figure skating in the Netherlands.
Check this website for competition information, results and practical information. It also provides contact information for enquiries.


KPN Junior Skating Club

During the Challenge Cup 2012, there will be several events for Kids to promote figure skating in the Netherlands. On Friday and Saturday there will be a guest appearance of Michael Boogerd and his partner Darya who won a figure skating tv show in the Netherlands.



Challenge Cup 2012

8-11 March 2012 Jaap Edenweg, The Hague